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Summer Internship in NYC: Housing

So I announced in a previous post that I’ll be interning in New York City this summer with Marvel Studios. (If you’re interested in reading about my application process and my decision to “go big or go home,” I encourage you to check out the post.) I applied for several positions back in early February, and I was offered the position April 12 (eek!). At that point, I realized I needed to take care of my housing situation quickly.

Guys, I’m so excited to be living in NYC this summer. SO. EXCITED. I’ve been to NYC several times before, to visit family (my mom is a Yankee!). I have cousins in Manhattan, but I decided to pursue student housing because I wanted to be closer to the Marvel office and because I want to meet other students/interns and make new friends.

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What I’ve Learned From My Entrepreneurship Minor

I did something out of the ordinary this semester. Well, at least, out of the ordinary for *me.* I chose to complete a minor that’s on the opposite end of the spectrum from my major. I’m an Editing Writing Media major, and I decided to minor in Entrepreneurship.

Let me give you some backstory… I was required to complete a minor alongside the coursework for my major. I’d originally hoped to minor in something like Creative Writing, but soon learned I wasn’t allowed to select a minor from my same department (English). So I scrolled through the list of minors, hoping I’d find something to interest me that would serve me well at the same time. I chose Communications, because I knew it’d pair well with my EWM major and because it’s what a lot of other students typically do. But the story doesn’t end there, friends…

Making this decision was difficult enough, UNTIL I realized I’d need to either double major or double minor in order to meet the credit requirement for graduation. It was a little late to double major, so I decided to go “shopping” for an additional minor, maybe something I’d overlooked previously. Computer Science? Film Studies? Education? Entrepreneurship? (I’ll give you one guess…)

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Summer Internship in NYC (Disney PI w/ Marvel): Go Big or Go Home

So I recently accepted an offer to be a summer intern with Marvel Studios this summer in NYC! I could not be more excited!

It’s been a long process, but absolutely worth every minute, and I’d love to tell you all about it. This post will be the first in an internship series, and I’ll be writing about what I’ve learned regarding resume revision, cover letters, interviews, and more.

I think internships are great because they give you real-life experience in an industry. Most likely, an industry you’re hoping to pursue post-graduation.

Obviously, interning is about building your resume, but it’s also an awesome opportunity to “test-drive” a particular career. For example, it might be really helpful to discover your aversion to blood while interning at the hospital, rather than in med school 4 years later.

Maybe you realize you hate office life (you’re super claustrophobic in a cubicle).
OR (and let’s hope this is you) you love what you do and feel assured that you’ve picked the right path.

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